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  • SINCE 1922


Employee-owned company

Founded in 1922, Landry’s Bicycles is now rated as one of "America's Best Bike Shops" — with a growing family of bicycle stores located in Boston, Braintree, Natick, Newton, Norwood, Westboro, and Worcester, Massachusetts. Landry’s Bicycles has also been nationally recognized as National Bicycle Dealer of the Year for supporting bicycle advocacy.

Landry's Bicycles is collectively owned by our dedicated employees. Starting in 2010, Landry's ownership transitioned to an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), and all core staff now own shares in the company as part of their long-term retirement benefits. As co-owners, Landry's staff have a vested interest in collaborative teamwork, exceptional customer service, and our visionary goal for Landry's to become "the best bike shop for the world."

Learn more about Landry's from some of our employees

Learn more about Landry's from some of our longtime employees in this video.

National Bicycle Retailer of the Year

Everyone at Landry's is honored to receive Interbike's top bike-shop award in 2015.

High-quality products and service

In all of Landry’s stores, our goal is to provide you — our valued customers — with the best bicycle products and service available. You can depend on Landry’s for:

  • Friendly, expert, and efficient assistance
  • Quality selection of bikes, parts, and accessories
  • Professional bike fitting
  • Expert service and repairs on all types of bikes
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on all Landry’s products and service
Landry's Bicycles

Passion for cycling

Everyone who works at Landry’s is passionate about cycling, and we believe in the power of bicycling to make our world a better, healthier, and happier place. To help improve local cycling conditions, we invite all our customer and friends to support MassBike and/or NEMBA with your membership.

At the national level, Landry's supports the League of American Bicyclists, People For Bikes, and other bike-advocacy organizations. Landry's is a long-standing member of the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA).

Community service

Landry's Bicycles and our employees support dozens of community and bicycling events each year:

  • We provide complimentary tech support at dozens at benefit/charity rides each year.
  • We run regular group rides from our stores, free of charge.
  • We volunteer our time to help build local mtn-biking trails.
  • We volunteer our time to teach local Bicycling Skills & Safety classes.

Landry's Core Values

Our core values, which guide everything we do at Landry's Bicycles, include:

  • Treating all our customers as honored guests
  • Connecting with the larger realm of bicycling
  • Making the world a better place through our work
  • Celebrating the quality of our people
  • Fostering teamwork, open communication, honesty, and trust
  • Taking intelligent risks
  • Continuously improving how we do things

In addition, Landry's is a founding member of Seeing Things Whole, a professional network seeking to understand the intersection of moral imagination and organizational practice.

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