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Suspension service saves your ride … literally!

We know the importance of excellent working suspension. After all, we ride the same trails you do. The rocky terrain and technical trails here in New England put a beating on you and your bike. Luckily, Landry’s Suspension Service Center is here to provide regular maintenance and repairs for your suspension components. To keep the bumps and stumps at bay, we recommend having your suspension maintained and set up by a qualified Landry’s suspension service technician. When your bike needs suspension service, call or visit our store.

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Forks & Shocks

Dropper Posts

Diagnosis & Repair

Mountain bike suspension service

Did you know that your suspension needs service annually?

Suspension components like your fork and shock are under a great deal of stress as you ride. These components are constantly cycling, moving fluid and air to maintain control of the terrain. All this movement means wear, but preventative maintenance will keep your suspension working properly. Service intervals vary by brand and component, but our trained mechanics can evaluate your bike and its suspension to recommend the proper service intervals and keep your bike functioning properly.

Dropper post suspension

Don’t get stuck down with a malfunctioning dropper post...

The dropper seat post is something often overlooked and only addressed once it’s failed. Trust us. Few things are more annoying on a mountain bike ride than a dropper that gets stuck down. Most dropper posts use keyways, seals, and gas chambers that may need service. Staying on top of these worn items will keep your dropper functioning — one less thing to worry about while hitting that new line on your favorite trail.

Suspension repair service

Squeal, woosh, and clank? Yeah, we fix that too!

Sometimes things happen, and something goes wrong with your suspension. No worries, we can fix that too. We can dissect forks, shocks, and dropper posts with trained service technicians to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Landry's Suspension Service

Local service done right & fast

While some shops will mail out your suspension for repairs, we believe in local — even with suspension service. Almost all of our suspension service is done in-house with factory tools and components. This allows us to diagnose and repair your suspension quickly and efficiently. It also means you can bring your whole bike without the need to disassemble or box parts to ship. Stop in today at your local Landry’s store, and we will get your ride soaking up the bumps again.

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