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Choosing Your Pedals

Landry's Guide to Bicycle Pedals

Increase your control, efficiency, and enjoyment with the right pedals

No matter the bike or where you are riding, the right pedals make for a more enjoyable ride. That is because they are one of the three places your body contacts the bike (hands, seat, and feet). A good set of pedals increase your control on the bike, making riding safer and easier. They offer better power transfer to make you ride stronger and more efficiently. And best of all, you get a more enjoyable ride through comfort and confidence in your pedaling connection.

When to get new pedals

With a new bicycle

Why wait when you can get all the benefits with your new bike? It's a great way to customize your bike and make it work the best it can for you. Depending on the bike and your riding style, we have the right option to make your pedaling power get to the wheels.

When taking your riding to the next level

An awesome upgrade for both you and your bike is a set of pedals. If your goal is to get faster and more connected, pedals can do that. If you are hitting the trails and want to be more confident and planted, pedals can do that. If you need more comfort on a long ride, they can do that too.

During a bike fitting

We feel strongly that a Landry's professional bike fitting is one of the best things you can do for your cycling experience. During a fitting, it's common to realize that a new set of pedals can make a big difference. Pedals vary by spindle length, float, and cleat design so that we can get your ride made just for you. Learn more about Landry's professional bike fitting services.

Types of pedals

Platform Pedals

Platform pedals are just as they sound. They offer a flat platform for you to place your foot on and propel the bicycle forward. These pedals can range from basic plastic pedals, to aluminum pedals with adjustable pins for grip.

Toe Cage / Clip Pedals

Toe-cage pedals introduce a retaining cage and strap with a clip to the platform style pedal. This adds extra security between your foot and pedal.

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals connect the foot to the pedal through a cleat attached to the cycling shoe. This style of pedal is easier to use than a toe cage pedal and the most secure and efficient type of pedal.

Mountain Bike and Hybrid Pedals

Platform Pedals

Common users:
  • Beginner riders of all kinds
  • Commuters looking to wear one pair of shoes
  • Aggressive mountain bike riders
  • Family rides, hop on and go!
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works with regular shoes
Features to look for:
  • Large platform area for comfort
  • Adjustable pins for added grip
  • Sealed bearing for durability
  • Thin pedal body for additional clearance

Dual-Sided Clipless Pedals (2-Bolt)

Common users:
  • Mountain, Gravel, Touring, and Hybrid riders
  • Riders who want to get off their bike and walk around
  • Same shoes for biking outdoors and spin class
  • Feet won't slip off the pedals
  • Recessed cleat for easy walking
  • Many styles and options for wide range of rider types
Features to look for:
  • Adjustable spring tension to tune entry and release
  • Additional platform area for easier un-clipped riding
  • Thin pedal body for additional clearance

Road and Touring Pedals

Single-Sided Clipless Pedal (3-Bolt)

Common users:
  • Road riders
  • Triathletes
  • Highly efficient pedaling
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic
  • Large and comfortable cleat design
  • Wide range of fitting options
Features to look for:
  • Adjustable spring tension to tune entry and release
  • Smooth bearings for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight materials
  • Aerodynamic design

Single-Sided Touring Pedal (2-Bolt)

Common Users:
  • Road & touring riders who need to be able to walk
  • Road riders who also use their shoes for spin class
  • Compatible with walkable shoes
  • Lighter weight than dual-sided mountain pedals
  • Large platform for additional support
Features to look for:
  • Adjustable spring tension to tune entry and release
  • Smooth bearings for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight materials
  • Aerodynamic design

Shop for Pedals

Cycling Shoes

Flat-Pedal Cycling Shoes

Even if you use platform or toe-cage pedals, you can benefit from cycling shoes. Flat-pedal cycling shoes have a stiffer sole than regular shoes, giving you greater support when riding. The bottom of the shoes is designed to interface with platform pedals to keep your feet planted and secure on the pedals. Best of all, these shoes walk almost as well as a sneaker, so your adventure does not stop when you get off your bike.

Mountain / Hybrid Shoes (2-Bolt)

To connect with mountain style clipless pedals, you will need a pair of cycling shoes. These shoes have a recessed spot to attach the 2-bolt cleats that come with your pedals. Options will range in style from casual shoes that can be walked in or taken to spin class to sturdy mountain bike shoes with extra support and protection for rough terrain. The choice in style is yours, so find a pair you love.

Road / Triathlon Shoes (3-Bolt)

To go along with your road bike pedals, you will need a pair of road shoes. These shoes typically have a smooth and stiff sole to transfer power and remain lightweight. Road cycling shoes will come in many styles and closure types. A great pair of shoes will breathe well, be very supportive, and fit like a glove so you can enjoy miles and miles of riding.

Cleat Fittings & Pedal Tips

Cleat Fittings

The saying goes, "The foot is culprit, and the knee is the victim.” Properly fitting cleats on your cycling shoes is key to injury prevention and a comfortable ride. We offer a quick and effective cleat-fitting service that can be done without an appointment. We recommend a cleat fitting with any clipless pedal purchase, and we can also perform the fitting on your existing setup as well. Visit or contact your local Landry's store for more info about our cleat-fitting service.

Note that cleats are included with new pedals, and they can also be purchased separately.

2-Bolt Clipless Pedal Tips

3-Bolt Clipless Pedal Tips

Need personal assistance with pedals, cleats, or cycling shoes?

We're always here to help.