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What Customers Say

At Landry’s Bicycles our #1 goal is to provide you — our valued customers — with the best bicycle products and service available. Here is what our customers are saying about Landry's ...

"Friendly and helpful ... above and beyond"

    • "Brought my e-bike in, they told me 30 mins. Was done in about 20 before I even finished checking out the bikes they had in stock. Awesome place. For those like me who bought their e-bikes from other places, Landry's is the place to go for all your mechanical needs."
      – Kevin W., Landry's Charlestown customer   
    • "I finally found my bike shop! The staff is what sets Landry's apart. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I like going into a place and seeing the same core group of employees. It's like Cheers!"
      – Matthew C., Landry's Boston customer  
    • "Andy totally did an awesome job for me! Buying both bikes was a pleasure, and he helped me every step. The service, response time, fitting, and everything else were great. I believe in giving kudos when kudos are due, and he definitely deserves some! Thanks again."
      – Christopher N., Landry's Natick customer
    • "Just wanted to compliment your Norwood store staff and especially Aaron. I went in to buy one single spoke. Aaron treated me as if I was buying a $2000 bike, not a $2 spoke. Thank you."
      – Rich S., Landry's Norwood customer  
    • "Landry's is a top-notch bike shop in every respect. They have an extensive selection of high-quality bikes, clothing, accessories and gear. They are very knowledgeable about their product and the industry and their mechanics are the best in diagnosing and treating anything that may be ailing your bike. However, the aspect that I love the most about Landry's is that top customer service is their #1 priority and it shows. From my experience (which is pretty extensive), the crew always goes above and beyond to deliver the product, information or services a customer needs. On top of it all, the Landry's crew is friendly, personable, and all-around nice people so it's always a pleasure to walk in there."
      – Lauren C., Landry's Boston customer  
    • "Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Landry's. Stopped in to get some tubes for the new tandem. Looked at helmets first and within minutes someone was asking if I needed assistance with selection and or sizing. What great customer service, and now I can ride again!"
      – Jim B ., Landry's Natick customer

    "Extremely knowledgeable ... total confidence and trust"

    • "Landry's is the most complete, best equipped, and most knowledgeable shop in Boston. They make a big effort to be helpful to new riders. I've sent several friends to Landry's for their first road bikes, and they've come away happy. They also are heavily invested in the local cycling community, as sponsors for events like Hub on Wheels and for several local teams. Highly recommended."
      – Nathaniel D., Landry's Boston customer 

    • "Allison and Russ are two HUGE reasons that I keep coming back to Landry's. Russ is simply one of the best “wrenches” I have ever come across. Allison is equally as talented with the wrench and always went the extra mile in researching products, expediting my special orders, etc. They both always make me feel like I was your only customer."
      – Ryan D., Landry's Westboro customer

    • "The staff at Landry's is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. When my road bike was in desperate need of new cables, I took it into the shop expecting to leave it there for a couple days. After a friendly conversation, their mechanic rewired my bike on the spot and had me out the door in 15 minutes. Landry's has great service and is willing to go the extra mile to help their customers."  
      – John R., Landry's Boston customer

    • "Ken McLean has an encyclopedic knowledge of bikes. As we discussed the pros and cons of multiple hill-climbing setups, Ken smoothly and confidently guided me, but let me make the final decision. Ken also followed up with a great article on bike frames, and left the door open for any issues I may have with the bike. Ken was another major reason I bought my bike from your shop."  
      – Peter J., Landry's Natick customer 

    • "Just rode my new Cervelo S2 yesterday for the first time. Absolutely amazing and fast. Responsive and very comfortable. Want to thank Aaron and Pat for their expertise and professionalism. The fitting session was key. Thanks for everything."
      – Joe L., Landry's Norwood customer 

    • “I have total confidence and trust in Landry's. Not only did Andy help me decide on a Specialized Roubaix for me and a Trek Carbon for my wife, but Jeff in the Service Dept has kept me on the road since we bought the bikes 4 years ago. They have never tried to oversell me on maintenance and service and are always there to repair my bike the same day. Clearly, the best bike shop in Eastern MA.”
      – Geoff M., Landry's Natick customer

    "Best customer service ... we love your store"

    • "We love your store! Especially our son who just had his bike tuned up and a kickstand installed!"
      – Karen S., Landry's Westboro customer

    • "I like your store, website, and customer service. I prefer local stores and will continue to patronize your store and pass along a recommendation to my friends. I also like that I can order sized items from the web, like gloves or shirts, and am able to return them to the local store (no shipping) for another size if it doesn't fit."
      – Ray P., Landry's web customer

    • "I just wanted to let you know that I think your Norwood team provides the best customer service of any company I deal with."
      – Ted P., Landry's Norwood customer

    • "I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on to you what a wonderful staff team you have in your Westboro store. Your people were all pleasant, looked me in the eye, were not distracted by the high level of activity in the store while still ensuring that all customers were being helped and not waiting. They smiled and seemed to enjoy their work and that followed all the way out to the parking lot to ensure my new purchase was loaded properly and I was completely satisfied. I have not seen this level of service in many years."
      – Sue W., Landry's Westboor customer

    • "I purchased a Specialized Tarmac Elite Comp from Landry's in Natick and I want to thank your staff for providing excellent service. This morning I came in for a scheduled fit with Spencer (first time I've been fit for a bike), and he took his time to make sure that everything was well as answering all of my questions. I greatly appreciate his effort. The toughest part about getting the bike was bringing it home in the rain and waiting for it to stop! Once it did, I got out on it for a quick ride to see how everything fits, what the ride is like, etc. I couldn't be happier and can't wait to get out and put some miles on it! I will be sure to highly recommend your store to anyone looking to purchase a bike...and will stress how important it is to schedule a proper fit. Once again, thank you for you help and service."
      – Dan B., Landry's Natick customer

    • "Thank you and your team for tuning my bike last week in just a couple of days. I was very pleased with my triathlon on Sunday as I finished and broke 6 hours. The new ride along with my training allowed for me to pass many people on the bike portion. I averaged 20 mph. Thanks for the fitting as I felt strong coming of the bike. Thanks again."
      – Chris R., Landry's Norwood customer

    • "Thank you for all your help with my new bike. I'm in love!"
      – Devin B., Landry's Boston customer

    • "Wanted to send along a hearty 'well done' to your Westborough staff. Recently had a used bike in for a Ride Ready tune-up, predominantly to get the shifting right (needed some additional cables, housings, etc, but reasonable). Just got back from riding it for the first time after that, and what a TRUE JOY it now is. Many thanks!"
      – J.D., Landry's Westboro customer

    • "I just wanted you to know how positive my experiences have been at Landry's in Boston. The service and support has been outstanding; when I've had problems with equipment (latest difficulty with my wheels) your team has made it right. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. They are a great group of people. I no longer go elsewhere, and I tell friends and family to do the same. Prices are prices, there is always a better deal out there somewhere, but the support, assistance, willingness to listen to my questions: all make your store the bike shop of record. I vote with my wallet, but it's also important to share with my words what is right. Why this letter today? I could have sent it any number of other times, but the now is because I was just in the store and had yet another positive experience. So thanks."
      – Jonathan S., Landry's Boston customer

    • "At the beginning of 2009, I started a project to write the manufacturer or provider of every good or service I buy during the year. I'm hoping to turn the experience into a book over the next couple months. In any case, I bought a number of things from Landry's this year, and I'd like to let you know that I appreciate the work you and the others at Landry's do. Landry's in Boston has set a high standard that others should try to emulate. I just wish I had more time and disposable income to spend there! Looking forward to a good year."
      – Carson P., Landry's Boston customer

    • "You should have seen my 10-year-old daughter's face when we walked into the Natick store and I told her she was getting a bike! She rides it every day now. Mark Gray and crew were excellent. Thanks for your help."
      – Chuck N., Landry's Natick customer

    "Wonderful selection of bikes ... tons of great biking gear"

    Customer Testimonials
    • "This is a wonderful bike store. They have a wonderful selection of bikes and will order whatever you need. Tons of helmets (with knowledgeable staff to help you pick one), TONS of great biking gear, a whole assortment of other accessories too. They're also patient while you try on every pair of sunglasses they have. If you're looking to meet people to bike with, make sure to stop in and sign up fo"Wonderful selection of bikes . . . tons of great biking gear" Girl on Bike from Landry's"This is a wonderful bike store. They have a wonderful selection of bikes and will order whatever you need. Tons of helmets (with knowledgeable staff to help you pick one), TONS of great biking gear, a whole assortment of other accessories too. They're also patient while you try on every pair of sunglasses they have. If you're looking to meet people to bike with, make sure to stop in and sign up for their e-newsletter." – Byranne R., Landry's Boston customer "Great selection and fabulous customer service." – Julie G., Landry's Natick customerr their e-newsletter."
      – Byranne R., Landry's Boston customer

    • "Great selection and fabulous customer service."
      – Julie G., Landry's Natick customer

    "Thanks" for Landry's community support

    • "Thank you for supporting the PMC and its mission.... What you do helps fuel the dedication, passion, hard work, and money needed to make the PMC happen and in turn the magic at Dana-Farber happen. In a certain sense, it all begins with you. Thanks again."
      – Doug C., Landry's Westboro customer & Pan-Mass Challenge rider

    • "I just went on my first group ride out of Cleveland Circle. Great group of people! I am a new cyclist and felt very welcome. Thanks for having these rides."
      – Tinamarie S., Landry's Boston customer

    • "I am a longtime Landry's customer, and I have been riding on Saturday mornings in the spring, summer, and fall with the Norwood group for the past 4–5 years. They have been a great help to me not only in training but in all aspects of cycling. I know I would not be able to do as much biking as I do or enjoy it as much as I do without the help of Landry's team."
      – Dan K, Landry's Norwood customer

    • "This past weekend, I participated in the Cranberry Triathlon. The night before the race I realized my Zipp 808 wheel was flat and I didn't have a new tube (my bike and wheels had recently been serviced at another nameless bike shop). Your bike mechanics quickly changed the rim tape and tire and I was able to race at the last minute. I will be having all my service done on my bike at Landry's in the future. Thanks."
      – Marianne V., Landry’s Event Support customer

    • "I noticed that you guys donated to the acquisition of the Vietnam trails in Milford, one of my favorite places to ride in Mass. That's awesome, and I thought you should know that that kind of stuff is noticed by people, mountain bikers especially."
      – Adam S., Landry's Westboro customer

    • "Thank you for selling us the Trek Bicycle [for a special event]. Everyone at Landry's has been so cooperative and helpful."
      – Miriam G., Landry's Boston & Natick customer

    • "I'm writing to pay compliments to your web page: Rules of the Road.  I'm a student teacher and I found your page while doing research for a lesson plan I'm putting together — it was a great source of information on cycling and really helped me in drafting my lesson."
      – Joan P., Landry's website visitor

    • "I would like to send a warm THANK YOU to Jeremy [from Landry's Natick] who helped me TWICE with my bike for the Cranberry Olympic Tri.  He was patient and helpful and was my bike angel, and I thank you so much!"
      – Sandy L., Landry’s Event Support customer

    • "Thank you for your tremendous support of the Memory Ride.  Your techs were very professional, friendly, and helpful towards our riders.  I just sent out a Zoomerang survey, and some of the most immediate results include many people referencing Landry’s support as a highlight of the day!  I wanted to express our deep appreciation for your efforts."
      – Michelle G., benefit-ride organizer

    • "Can't thank you enough. The best bike shop team anywhere!!"
      – Susan B., Pan-Mass Challenge rider + volunteer

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