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Happy bike-fit customers

Here are some customer comments on Landry's Fitting Services that we have received recently:

"I was in the Norwood store last Friday for a bike fitting with Hannah. Each and every time I have interacted with Hannah she has been amazing, hence why I keep going back. I will be riding the PMC this year, and I look forward to working with Landry’s between now and then (and seeing Landry’s along the route of the PMC). Thanks so much!"

– Bonnie W., Landry's Norwood customer

"I went for a bike fitting and couldn't be happier with the process and results. They took the time to understand my bike and the issues I was having with it. From there, they helped me problem-solve, ordered the necessary parts, and one day later the bike was good to go. The new fit is a huge improvement! Highly recommended." 

– Sarah M., Landry's Boston customer

"Loving my bike. I have found that a properly fitted bike makes a world of difference in the enjoyment gained from biking. Managed 48 miles yesterday. Seat fits, gears go, and it is light. Love it. Thanks again."

– Mary R., Landry's Natick customer

"Hi Allison – just a short note to thank you for your great job in my computerized bike fitting. Since it was performed, the pain in my shoulder and knee has been eliminated. I rode the Pan-Mass Challenge last weekend and felt fine. Thanks again — your analysis and expertise has made a big difference in my bike riding."

– Ken J., Landry's Westboro customer

"The bike is awesome. I was in so much discomfort before my fitting, it was difficult to find the motivation to ride. Now I want to ride everywhere. Did 62 miles on Saturday and had no pain. I haven't been this satisfied with a cycling-related purchase in a long time! Thanks again."

– Jay D., Landry's Natick customer

"Last summer, my husband decided that we would take up cycling as our new pastime. I hadn't been on a bike in over 30 years. Thanks to Andy and the great team at Landry's, I was soon riding a bike that was chosen with my individual needs and preferences in mind. It fits me perfectly. Throughout the process, Andy was very respectful and encouraging even though I was a beginner. The whole team at Landry's is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Now, I'm looking forward to riding my first century this summer!"

– Susan M., Landry's Natick customer

"You fitted my new bike a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know that it's working out extremely well. I finished my first century last weekend and everything felt great. The bike was comfortable the entire ride, as were the bike clothes and shoes you suggested. I really like the pedals you picked out, too. Cycling has turned out to be so much fun, even more fun than expected, and I'm now completely obsessed with it. Thanks again for being so helpful."

– Tracy K., Landry's Natick customer

"Just got my road bike fit with my aero bars at Landry's in Boston. They recently got a new video-analysis system and their bike fitter was trained on it and multiple other systems. He does a thorough assessment of bike, your riding, and body. He is super awesome, and I left with a brand new bike position. I was very impressed with his skill set and knowledge. On my 3-mile ride home, I could already tell a HUGE difference in the power of my pedal stroke and comfort. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a fit."

– Kristi P., Landry's Boston customer

"Just wanted to let you know that the Madone is amazing. It truly is light as air, climbs like a goat, and descends like the wind. WOW: I've never been able to climb so efficiently. I couldn't stop smiling -- it really makes me want to work to be the best rider I can be! It's a true testament to the fact that with the right bike and the perfect fit you can make up for a lot of rider deficiencies. The fitting was a great experience, and Andy was so patient and knowledgeable. It's changed my experience of biking entirely. Now it's total harmony :-) You have a wonderful shop in Natick. All of the guys that work there are a credit to Landry's! Thanks so much."

– Anandi C., Landry's Natick customer

"In May of this year, I had my first professional bike fit by Andy Palmgren at Landry's Natick store. Since getting fit on both my road bike and my tri bikes, I am not only more comfortable riding but the bike leg has become my strongest of the three events. In my 31 years of racing triathlons, this has never happened before; this season, it has happened in both events I have raced."

– Duncan W., Landry's Natick customer

"It has been a few weeks since my fitting, and I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Pat Flaherty did. He was very helpful with taking measurements and breaking down how to fit the bike. I was equally impressed by his knowledge of physical therapy, muscle imbalances, and how everything needs to work together to be aligned. Since the fitting, Pat has been quick to follow up with me by email on questions I had. I would definitely recommend Pat Flaherty and Landry's Ride Ready Fitting to anyone who is interested in getting a professional fitting."

– Frank M., Landry's Norwood customer

"Andy is a tremendously talented fitter whose approach to both the art and science of bike fitting made it such that my bike works perfectly for me. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, very attentive to every detail of proper bike fit, and takes the time to explain things to the customer. Andy's advice is objective and always very well thought out. On top of all that, he is a really nice guy. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

– Gary W., Landry's Natick customer

"Thanks to the Landry's team.... Your help getting my bike fit a couple of years ago made it possible for me to ride nearly 11,000 mile this year! It's amazing, considering before the fitting I couldn't ride more than a couple of miles without major pain."

– Craig P., Landry's Boston customer

"I wanted to pass on that I've had some great experiences at Landry's in Natick recently. I had a wonderful and thorough bike fitting with Andy – with some component replacements at the same time that have made my setup much nicer and more ergonomic. It's like I'm riding a whole new bike!"

– Robyn B., Landry's Natick customer

"We know that Andy is very modest, but we wanted to write to say what a great job he did fitting our bikes. He seemed to make just tiny changes, but we are both much more comfortable now and I'm sure that I'm going faster (not exactly racing fast but quick for me). It was a big deal as I first bought a road bike 4 years ago and just have never been comfortable or found it particularly enjoyable, so buying a frame from you followed by a proper fit with Andy made a huge difference."

– Susan B., Landry's Natick customer

"Allison Snooks [Landry's bike fitter] is a real professional and the kind of person BG FIT should concentrate on. She's a great spokesperson.”

– Andy Pruitt, Founder of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine; Advisor to Specialized BG FIT program

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