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UPDATE:  September 2021

Bike-fitting service now available at various store locations

We are now scheduling fitting services again at various Landry's store locations. We currently have limited appointments available. Contact your local Landry's store for more info.

For everyone's safety, customers must wear a mask or face covering during the fitting appointment.

Find your perfect bike fit

Let us help make your ride more enjoyable

Many of Landry's bike-fitting services include the leading-edge Velogicfit 3D motion capture software, available at all Landry's store locations.

Bike-Fitting Service Levels

In-Gear Fitting

This fitting focuses on overall comfort and control

  • 20-40 minutes 
  • Dynamic fitting session (in trainer) 
  • Level saddle Seat height 
  • KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) 
  • Cockpit evaluation with stem flip or swap
Ride Ready Fitting

A truly custom fit that helps anyone ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury.

  • 45–90 minutes
  • Rider interview
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Dynamic fitting session (in trainer)
  • Velogicfit 3D motion capture of rider's pedaling motion
  • Basic cleat fit
  • Level saddle
  • Seat height
  • KOPS (knee over pedal spindle)
  • Torso angle derived from flexibility assessment
  • Dynamic cockpit analysis with adjustable fit stem or size cycle
Ultimate Ride Ready

Our most comprehensive fit

  • 1.5–2.5 hours
  • This dynamic fitting provides the highest level of custom fitting to your body, resulting in maximum increases in speed, endurance, and comfort.
  • The Ultimate Ride Ready Fitting combines the Ride Ready Fitting services described above as well as pedal stroke neutralization.
  • Includes Velogicfit 3D motion capture.
Triathlete-Specific Fitting
Add On

Any of Landry's Fittings are available to our triathlete customers and performed by a F.I.S.T. trained fitter. Aerodynamics, power, and pedaling efficiency are emphasized as appropriate to the level of fitting being performed. Contact your local Landry's store for more information.

Parts and accessories installed during or after a fit are available at additional cost.

"Thanks to the Landry's team.... Your help getting my bike fit a couple of years ago made it possible for me to ride nearly 11,000 mile this year! It's amazing, considering before the fitting I couldn't ride more than a couple of miles without major pain."
– Craig P., Landry's Boston customer

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Fitting credit offered with Landry's bike purchases

We believe in proper bike fit!  All new Landry's bike purchases include a credit toward our Bike-Fitting Service:

  • $25 fit credit for a bike purchased under $2,000.
  • $50 fit credit for a bike purchased $2,000 and over.

We suggest a fitting during (or soon after) your Landry's bike purchase, but the fit credit is good for a full year. Ask Landry's store staff for more info.

The best bike to ride is the one that fits you the best.

Fit is a critical part of comfort, efficiency, and power output on a bike.  Landry’s Bicycles has a team of professional and certified bike fitters who will fit you to your bike and get you riding right.

Each of Landry’s store locations has a fully equipped fitting studio, computerized video-capture system, and professionally trained fitters.  Get fit and gain more ease, comfort, and power on your bike.  At Landry's, we'll make sure that your bike fits you properly for both comfort and top performance.

Landry's bike fitting studio

Fitting links

Get more info on Landry's bike-fitting methods and process:

Custom Bikes at Landry's

Create the bike of your dreams with Landry's custom-bike program!  We offer custom bicycles from Trek, Parlee Cycles, and more. Customized folding bikes from Brompton are also available. For more info, see Custom Bikes on our website.

Upgrade your bike's saddle