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The gear you need to enjoy your ride

To help our customers prepare for longer and better rides, we have provided a list of recommended gear below — for both the bike and the rider! Many items on this list also make great gifts for family and friends.



Stay hydrated. It's important to drink lots of fluids on more strenuous, long-distance rides.

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Cycling hydration

Locks / Security

Keep your bike yours. Secure your bike during errand stops, snack breaks, or overnight stops on longer trips.

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bike locks

Seat Bags

Be prepared. Carry spare tubes, tire levers, and patch kit in case of flats.

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Seat packs for bicycles

Pumps / Inflation

Get pumped. Bike tires need to be inflated more frequently than car tires for better performance and to reduce flats.

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Bike pumps

Lubes / Cleaners

Lube and clean your bike's chain. For better performance and longer wear. We recommend Boeshield T-9 lubricant, which is specially formulated for bicycles.

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bike lube

Multi-Tool Kit

Handle small repairs and adjustments yourself while out riding. Even if you don't know how to adjust a bike, other riders can help if you carry the right tools.

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bike multitools

Cycling Computer / GPS

Track your mileage on cue sheets and gauge speed and distance on the ride. Also great for training.

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bike computers

Rear-View Mirrors

See what (or who) is coming up behind you while riding in traffic or doing group rides and big cycling events.

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bike mirrors


Choose between platform, toe clips/straps, and clipless pedals. We can help you choose which pedals are best for your riding style.

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cycling pedals


If you ride at night or on dark mornings, you need both a headlight and taillight — both to see where you're going and to be seen.

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bike lights

Indoor Trainers

Stay in shape. Exercise with your bike in the comfort of your home.

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indoor cycling trainers



Protect your head in case of a crash. Newer-style helmets are lighter-weight, more comfortable, and better ventilated.

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bike helmets

Cycling Shoes

Improve your cycling efficiency, performance, and comfort.

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cycling shoes

Cycling Clothing

Cycling apparel features synthetic fibers for moisture wicking, temperature control, and overall body comfort. Check out Landry’s selection of cycling jerseys, shorts, gloves, socks, base layers, and more.

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cycling apparel

Cycling Eyewear

Protect your eyes from the sun, insects, tree branches, pollen dust, and whatever else the wind is blowing your way.

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cycling glasses

Landry's Expertise

As always, the team at your local Landry's store will provide friendly, knowledgeable assistance in helping you to select the cycling equipment that best fits your needs.

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Gear up for better biking, and have more fun!