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We're here to help you get started

Everyone at Landry's believes in the power of bicycling to create healthier lifestyles, develop more livable communities, and make transportation more sustainable and economical. And we're always here to help you get going!

Landry's "Everyday Biking Tips" are designed to help encourage and educate newer bicyclists. As you read through these tips, keep in mind our objective of three terms:  Comfort, Knowledge, Awareness.

Everyday Biking Tips
by Galen Mook

Galen Mook worked in Landry's marketing department from 2013–2018, and he is now MassBike's executive director. Galen is a year-round bike commuter, experienced cycling instructor, and community advocate for better bicycling.

Everyday Biking Tips
Everyday Biking Tips
Everyday biking tips

Become a better, smarter biker

Feel good, get smart, stay tuned in, and ride more confidently!

Choosing bike equipment

Learn about different bike choices and essential biking gear to make your rides better.

Finding good bike routes

The most direct route isn’t always the fastest or the most enjoyable by bike. Some roads are just simply better than others.

Ride responsibly

Remember that you have the same rights and responsibilities as all other vehicles on the road.

Biking around campus

Explore your campus and beyond — and have more fun on two wheels!

Making the most of the weather

You can't change the weather, but you can prepare for whatever New England skies will bring.

Everyday winter biking

Stay safe, warm, and bright — even during the craziest New England winter weather!

Winter commuting tips

Getting around during winter can be tough, but it's possible (and even fun) to bike-commute through winter.

Why ride more?

"I ride to be a part of the community," Galen Mook says. "To me, biking is traveling on a human scale at a human pace, and it's how I get to know my world. Biking allows me to say 'hi' to fellow riders at stoplights, wave at friends on the sidewalk, see the sights and hear sounds of the streets, and get a sense of my city when it's busy and when it's quiet. Group riding is my favorite activity because we can all share the world together!"

Commuter bikes at Landry's

Bike-commuting accessories

Browse through Landry's selection of bike-commuting gear and accessories on our web catalog.