• SINCE 1922


Since 1922

Landry's Bicycles has been serving cycling enthusiasts in Massachusetts (and beyond) since 1922, making Landry's one of the longest operating bike shops in America. The business was first established by the Landry Family, then owned by the Henry Family (1970s–2010), and is now collectively owned by Landry's dedicated employees.

Today, Landry’s Bicycles is one of the leading bicycle dealers in the United States.

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Landry's Cycling Club, 1934.

The Landry Family:  1922–1970s

  • 1922: Leon Landry starts the company with a small bike shop in Franklin, Massachusetts, featuring bicycles from classic manufacturers such as Schwinn, Raleigh, and Columbia — and Harley-Davidson motorcycles too.
  • 1930s: Leon Landry moves his bike shop to Howard Street in Framingham.
  • Landry's Vintage Head Badge1940s: John Landry, Leon’s younger brother, joins the business.
  • 1940s: During World War II, Landry’s produces custom-built “Challenge” Victory Bicycles, made from refurbished frames and parts, to support local transportation — when gasoline and raw materials were rationed and bicycles were in high demand and short supply. An image of the bike's headbadge appears to the right.
  • 1960s: John Landry moves his shop to Hollis Street in Downtown Framingham, while Leon Landry, returning from running a shop in Daytona Beach, opens a new Landry’s store in Taunton, Massachusetts.
  • 1960s–1970s: The Landry brothers run their two stores separately in Taunton and Framingham.
  • 1970s: Brothers Peter and Tom Henry, two of Landry’s current owners, purchase Schwinn Varsity bicycles — their first road bikes — from Leon Landry in Taunton. They enjoy bike-touring extensively throughout New England.
  • 1974: Peter Henry begins working for Leon Landry at the Taunton shop. Leon was happiest when fixing bikes, Peter recalls, and customers were in awe of his mechanical ability and knowledge.

The Henry Family:  1974–current

  • 1974: Peter Henry meets his wife, Jeanne, while working at Landry’s bike shop in Taunton. Jeanne Henry soon becomes involved in all aspects of Landry’s business.
  • 1975: Peter Henry buys Leon Landry's bike shop in Taunton with his father John and older brother Doug, briefly changing the name of the Taunton shop to Henry’s Cycles. Doug Henry continues to work with Landry's for a few years, and John Henry remains involved until his retirement in the late-1980s. Leon Landry retires, while John Landry continues to run Landry’s bike shop in Framingham.
  • 1977: Peter Henry buys John Landry’s bike shop in Downtown Framingham, closes the Taunton store, and consolidates Landry’s business in Downtown Framingham at Hollis Street. Peter decides to keep Landry’s name on the business.
  • 1979: Peter Henry’s younger brother, Tom, joins the business — first as a bike assembler and then as a mechanic.
  • 1987: Tom Henry becomes co-owner of Landry’s with Peter and Jeanne Henry.
  • 1990: Landry’s opens new store in Westborough, expanding its MetroWest market. Tom Henry becomes the store manager for the new store while Peter manages the Framingham store.
  • 1990s: Landry’s Bicycles grows more involved with the national bicycle-advocacy movement, and Tom Henry serves as president of the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (1996–98). Landry’s Bicycles becomes a founding member of Seeing Things Whole, a nonprofit organization that helps bridge the gap between values and organizational performance to serve the common good.
  • 1993: Landry’s moves its Downtown Framingham store to Route 9 in Framingham. The former Framingham store at Hollis Street is converted to Landry’s central offices and warehouse.
  • 1996: Landry’s opens two new stores — in Easton (south of Boston) and in Danvers on the North Shore.
  • 2000: With a growing family of stores, Landry’s Bicycles is recognized as one of the Top 100 Bicycle Dealers in the United States.
  • 2004: John Henry, father of Peter and Tom Henry and former Landry's Bicycles co-founder, dies from Alzheimer’s disease on January 26, 2004. John Henry retired from Landry's business in the late-1980s, and he was a major shaper of the philosophies and values that guide Landry's Bicycles to this day.
  • 2004: Landry’s purchases the site of a former automobile dealership on Route 9 in Natick, and Landry’s Framingham store and office/warehouse move to the remodeled, larger facility in Natick. 
  • 2004: Landry’s Easton store moves to a larger store location on Route 1 in Norwood.
  • Senate Recognizes Landry's2005: Landry's Bicycles is honored by the Massachusetts State House for "continued commitment and dedication to serving the needs of the MetroWest bicycling community."
  • 2006: Landry's Bicycles is named National Bicycle Dealer of Year for supporting bicycling advocacy.
  • 2006: Landry’s opens a new store in Boston in April.
  • 2006: Landry’s closes its store in Danvers in September because the company could not renew or obtain a favorable store lease.
  • 2007: Landry's expands its headquarters store in Natick, making it one of the largest bike shops in New England.
  • 2008: Landry's receives national gold-level Bicycle-Friendly Business award from the League of American Bicyclists.
  • 2009: Landry's Bicycles receives Boston Magazine's Best of Boston award for the best bike shop in the area.
  • 2010: Landry's signs on as the lead bike-shop sponsor of the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC), the nation’s most successful athletic fundraising event.
  • 2010: Landry's receives national platinum-level Bicycle-Friendly Business award from the League of American Bicyclists (the highest level awarded).
  • 2010: Landry's Bicycles receives Boston Magazine's Best of Boston award for the best bike shop in the area, for the second year in a row.

LEFT:  Tom, Jeanne, and Peter Henry at a Landry's celebration, late 1990s.

RIGHT:  Peter and Jeanne Henry arrive to work at Landry's Natick office on their tandem bike, March 2009.

Jeanne Henry passed away in October 2013.

Employee-Owned Company:  2010–current

LANDRY'S — by any other name?

Over the years, with its various store locations, Landry’s Bicycles has been known as Landry’s Cycles, Landry Cycle Supply Company, Landry’s Cyclery, Landry’s Schwinn Cyclery, Landry’s Cycling and Fitness, and now Landry’s Bicycles. When Peter Henry purchased the Framingham shop from John Landry in 1977, Peter decided to keep Landry’s name on the business — in recognition of the family that stated the business in 1922.

Landry's store locations — past and present

During its long history and tireless quest to provide quality bicycles and services to the local bicycling community, Landry’s has operated bicycle shops in 18 different locations in 12 Massachusetts communities:  Franklin (1922–1930s), Framingham (1930s–2004, four different locations), Taunton (1960–1976), Westborough (1990–present, three different locations), South Easton (1996–2004), Danvers (1996–2006), Natick (2004–present), Norwood (2004–present), Boston (2006–present, two different locations), Braintree (2014–present), Newton (2015–present), and Worcester (2015–present).

Today, Landry’s Bicycles operates a "growing family" of stores located in Boston, Braintree, Natick, Newton, Norwood, Westborough, and Worcester. The company’s central offices are located at the Natick store.

For more information about Landry’s, see our Company Background.

Landry's Natick store

Documenting bicycling history in our area

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