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Start with the right gear

by Galen Mook

"A properly sized bike will allow you to travel farther, faster, and more efficiently."

Choose from lots of bikes

There are several types of bikes built for various terrains and usage: Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Folding Bikes, Recumbents, Cargo Bikes, and more. If you’re riding mostly on pavement, you’ll want to stick with thin or medium width, smooth tires -- features of a road or hybrid bike. Your daily/commuter bike should be able to handle potholes and wet weather — so consider fenders to protect you from splashing, a rack or basket for carrying capacity, and other items to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. If you plan to ride year-round, make sure your tires can handle the slush and ice, and understand that you may modify your bike to suit different riding styles depending on the season.

Biking essentials

Beyond the bike, you’ll certainly want a few key accessories:

  • Lights for riding at night – white in front and red in rear
  • A sturdy steel lock that can’t be cut with bolt cutters
  • And, of course, a comfortable helmet that you’ll want to wear everyday

We’ve compiled a quick list of some essential cycling gear on our website.

Basic bike maintenance

Demystify the machine by learning how your bike works so you can perform basic maintenance and ensure that you’re riding safe and smooth out there. The easiest way to make sure your bike is in OK condition is to keep track of the ABC Quick Check:

  • "A" stands for Air:  your bike's tires need to be inflated to the proper pressure.
  • "B" is for Brakes:  your brakes need to be tight enough to stop you in the event of an emergency.
  • "C" stands for Chain:  your chain needs to be clean and well lubricated.
  • "Quick" is for Quick Releases:  make sure all the quick releases are securely fastened on your bike, including both wheels.
  • "Check":  perform a 10-second check every time before you ride that consists of checking your tires, brakes, chain, and spinning the wheels to make sure they spin freely, there’s no rubbing or anything caught, and all accessories are mounted securely.

For additional tips and pointers, including some how-to videos, check out Landry's Tech Tips.

Commuter bikes at Landry's

Browse through our selection of great-quality commuter and hybrid bikes, then visit your local Landry's for more assistance in choosing the right bike for you.

Everyday Biking Tips
by Galen Mook

Galen Mook formerly worked in Landry's marketing department, and he is now MassBike's executive director. Galen is a year-round bike commuter, experienced cycling instructor, and community advocate for better bicycling.

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