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Get around town. Enjoy your commute.

There are many benefits to going by bike — it's great for your body and your mind, and it's also good for the environment! With the right bike and commuting gear, getting to the office, the grocery store, and anywhere else you want to go can be easy and rewarding. Build your muscles, reduce your stress, and do something nice for the community and the world by riding your bike more often.

Commuter Bike

Versatile Commuter Bikes

Multi-speed commuter bikes offer you the flexibility to stop for groceries after work and to explore rural roads on the weekend. Having gears takes the burn out of hills while allowing you to maintain speed on flat sections. Add racks and fenders, or choose a fully loaded model.

Folding Bike

Convenient Folding Bikes

Want to save space at home or at the office? Want to hop on public transit for part of your commute? Aptly named folding bikes can be quickly broken down for easy storage or transport. Importantly, you won't compromise stability or performance when you choose a quality folding bike. We currently feature Brompton folding bikes at Landry's Boston store.

Electric Bikes

Lively Electric Bikes

Ride more, drive less. Landry's features a wide range of pedal-assist electric bikes to boost your power, extend your biking limits, and increase your pleasure while riding. With an e-bike, you still pedal as you go — just like any other bike — only it's faster and easier.

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