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Indoor Cycling Revolutionized

Find Your Fit: Indoor Bike Trainers at Landry's

Gone are the days when indoor cycling was merely a rainy-day compromise. With Landry's Bicycles, transform any space into your personal velodrome. Whether you're maintaining your cycling fitness or looking for a cutting-edge training regime, our array of indoor bike trainers caters to every rider's aspiration.

Saris Fluid 2 Trainer

Analog Trainer

  • Feature: Mechanical operation with no digital components, often using fluid or magnetic resistance.
  • Advantage: Provides a straightforward, reliable workout experience without the complexity or need for power sources.
  • Benefit: Jump into training with minimal setup and enjoy a consistent resistance that mimics the feel of the road, perfect for traditionalists who value simplicity and durability.

Wahoo KICKR Trainer

Smart Trainer

  • Feature: Wireless connectivity to apps and devices, with automatic resistance changes that simulate real-world terrain.
  • Advantage: Offers dynamic, interactive workouts that can be tailored to specific training programs, routes, and performance tracking.
  • Benefit: Engage in a training experience that adapts to your goals and progress, keeping workouts varied, fun, and highly effective for improving cycling performance.

Wahoo KICKR Bike

Bike Simulator

  • Feature: A standalone bike with integrated technology to simulate various cycling conditions, including grade changes and rshifting.
  • Advantage: Delivers the most immersive cycling experience with the ability to customize every aspect of your ride, from gear ratios to riding position.
  • Benefit: Train on a device that replicates the outdoor riding experience of your road bike as close as possible.

Wahoo KICKR Bike: Experience the Pinnacle of Indoor Cycling

Unmatched Realism and Performance

  • Grade Simulation: Climb hills and descend valleys with real-time grade changes up to 20% and down to -15%.
  • Customizable Gearing: Easily configure gear ratios to match your exact bike specifications.
  • Precision Power: With accurate power measurement within +/- 1%, feel confident in the data driving your training decisions.

Designed for the Dedicated Cyclist

  • Adjustable Fit: Tailor every aspect of the bike to mimic the feel of your road bike, making transitions from outdoor to indoor virtually seamless.
  • ERG Easy Ramp: When your workout demands a change in intensity, the KICKR BIKE responds with a smooth and natural progression.
  • Built to Last: With robust construction and a sleek design, it's not just about how the bike performs, but also how it fits into your home.

Landry's Trainer Spotlight: Wahoo Fitness & Saris

Wahoo Logo

Wahoo Fitness:

  • KICKR SHIFT: Redefining the indoor cycling experience with integrated grade changes and simulated shifting.
  • KICKR & SNAP: Connect with your training apps and enjoy an interactive ride that keeps you hooked.


  • Fluid 2: The classic indoor riding favorite. Featuring a fluid filled resistance unit for reliable and smooth riding.
  • Mag Indoor Trainer: The straightforward, budget-friendly choice for getting started with indoor training.

Landry's Accessory Spotlight: KICKR HEADWIND & CLIMB

Enhance Your Indoor Ride

A good trainer setup isn't just about the bike—it's about creating an environment that motivates and endures. From durable mats that protect your floors to sweat guards that keep your equipment pristine, each accessory is designed to enhance your ride. Consider a front wheel block to keep your bike level and stable, or a KICKR Headwind fan for a more realistic road feel and to keep you cool as you power through your workout.

Kickr Headwind


Control Your Climate. KICKR HEADWIND pairs directly with KICKR, KICKR CORE, or KICKR SNAP in addition to compatible training programs, heart rate monitors and speed sensors to gauge workout intensity and automatically adjusts fan speed based on your efforts. Or simply control the fan manually to set your ideal fan speed.

Kickr Climb


Elevate Your Ride. Climbing workouts and virtual courses are now more realistic than ever as the KICKR CLIMB recreates the grade changes in real time. Connect to the most popular online training platforms to create a truly immersive ride experience. KICKR CLIMB blends physical grade changes with resistance changes of your Wahoo smart trainer.

Experience An Indoor Riding Revolution