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Updated January 4, 2021

Everybody is riding bikes!

COVID-19 and social-distancing protocols have created a huge demand for bikes around the world as many more people are now bicycling to stay physically and mentally healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

But now there's a national bike shortage 

This sudden demand has caused a severe bicycle-supply shortage, especially for bikes priced under $1200. Nationwide inventory of entry-level bikes is being depleted at bike shops at record levels. For more info on this bike shortage across America, see this recent news story

Two People Enjoy Bicycling
Landry's Customer Service

How Landry's is handling the bike shortage 

We still have lots of new bikes in stock at Landry’s, although our inventory is running low on some bikes priced below $1200 — including entry-level mountain, hybrid/comfort, city/commuter, and kids' bikes. 

We are doing our best to meet the increased demand by pre-ordering more and more popular-style bikes as they become available from our suppliers. Many bike models priced under $1200, however, are now in short supply or sold-out for several months. 

From what our suppliers tell us, we anticipate this bike shortage to continue through late-summer into the fall this year.

Bike Ride

It's all about your next ride 

Everyone at Landry's is dedicated to keeping you riding this season. Here are some suggestions for how we can help you find suitable new bikes during this shortage:

  • Contact us for current and future bike selection and availability. You can contact your local Landry's store or use the Chat service on our website for personal assistance.
  • Check out our current selection of in-stock bikes. We currently have good inventory on high-quality road, mountain, and e-bikes (see below).
  • If suitable bikes are currently unavailable, we can advise you how to pre-order a bike now for future pickup at our store. Our suppliers' future bike inventory is selling out in advance, so the best way to get a bike is to pre-order and reserve one now.

Despite limited availability in the nation's supply chain, we are working with all our suppliers to keep Landry's stocked as best we can with bikes that now are in high demand. To place an advance order for a bike, you can shop on our website or contact your local Landry’s store for assistance.

Mountain Bikes 

Check out our selection of high-quality mountain bikes currently in stock.

Road & Gravel Bikes 

Lots of great-riding road and gravel bikes are still in good supply here at Landry's!

Electric Bikes 

If you've been thinking about boosting your biking power, this might be a great time to consider an electric-assist bike!

Bikes still available Landry's

You can check availability of in-stock bicycle inventory on our web catalog. Please note that some bikes may still be unavailable given the recent surge in orders for new bikes. If you order a bike, we will confirm availability with you or suggest possible alternatives.

Landry's on TV News

Landry's Newton store was recently featured in the local WBZ-TV News story on this spring's "Bicycle Boom" during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The sudden surge in bicycling has now created a severe bike shortage across America.

Watch TV News Story

Serving our customers during COVID-19

Landry's store operations have temporarily changed to keep everyone safe during COVID-19.