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Packing and boxing a bike at Landry's

As a service to our local customers, Landry's qualified staff can professionally package your bike for travel.

  • Landry's staff will partially disassemble your bike to fit securely inside a bike box.
  • Then we will pack your bike properly inside a bike box for airplane travel or another shipping method.
  • Landry's service fee to disassemble, pack, and box a regular-sized bicycle is $75* (includes used bicycle box). 

* Tandems, recumbents, trikes, or other larger bikes may require special accommodations and additional cost. Please contact your local Landry's store for assistance.

Please note that Landry's does NOT provide bike-shipping services from our stores.
  You will need to make arrangements directly with FedEx, UPS, or another carrier to ship a bike yourself.

For more information on Landry's bike-boxing and shipping services, contact your local Landry’s store.

Do it yourself

For instructions on how to box a bike yourself for travel, refer to these articles on our website:

bike travel case

Bike travel case — available to rent

Serfas Bike Armor Travel Case

  • Hard case to pack your bike for airplane travel or UPS shipping.  Fits both road and mountain bikes.  Holds one bicycle.
  • Rental fees:  $10 for one day, $10 each additional day. 
  • If you travel frequently with your bike, note that this travel case is also available for sale (new) in Landry’s stores.

Visit Landry's online reservation system (, then click on the "Travel Cases" tab.